We offer everything the competition offers
- and much more:

Our Solution


Main competitors

Source redirection

Redirect any music source

Our speakers are equipped with Bluetooth, USB, optical and analog inputs that not only allow playback from the relevant sources, but also retransmission to one or more other WiSound players, with the music perfectly synchronized.


No source redirection, and for some, no Bluetooth at all!

You cannot redirect any music source

Most of our competitors do not support audio redirection to Wi-Fi from their various inputs – Bluetooth, USB, optical and analog. Furthermore, many of them have very few inputs.

Personalized presets

One-touch access to your music with personalized presets

Our speakers feature a number of presets that you can easily set (and change) directly on the system or with the free app. Instantly, your favorite music plays at the touch of a button, just like on your car radio.


No presets at all

You cannot have one-touch access to your music with personalized presets

Most of our competitors offer no presets at all, and you need to start tuning from scratch, every time you want to hear music from a different service.

Integrated Media Server

Share your speaker's attached USB media

You can attach a USB storage media device to any Wisound Wireless speaker, and share its songs to any UPnP/DLNA player in your home network


No Server, no USB

You cannot share your speaker's attached USB media

In most other wireless speakers not only you cannot share a USB storage media device, but you cannot even attach one, due to the absence of a USB port

WiSound technology

Enjoy the best of the best

WiSound technology is famous worldwide for its unsurpassed pure and precise sound, with balanced directivity. "Place it anywhere, hear perfection everywhere."


Conventional technology

You cannot enjoy the best of sound

Conventional speakers only sound at their best when placed in specific positions, and only to someone sitting within a narrow window directly in front of them

Infrared remote

Control instantly your speaker 

You can choose your presets and input selection, adjust the volume and more, at once, with no need for a smartphone/tablet/PC


No Infrared remote

You cannot control instantly your speaker 

Most wireless speakers come without a remote, so for every adjustment – e.g. to turn the volume up – you have to look for your smartphone, turn it on, find the speaker's app, turn it on, look for the volume control and finally alter the volume.